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| Ötzi - Floor Lamp

Otzi Floor Lamp
Otzi Floor Lamp - Detail

Ötzi is a floor lamp that expresses a simple and sincere aesthetic. It is made of essential and commonly used materials: the wooden posts are normally used to make frames or baseboards while the textile cable was traditionally used for irons. It's a primitive object that comes from the raw nature, the structural components and techniques are linked together only by nodes and joints; the shape of the lamp is reduced to the result of the mere composition of its individual parts, which are shown simply as they are, exalting their physical qualities.
Ötzi shares its name with the Iceman, an anthropological finding discovered in September 1991 in the Ötztal Alps and dates back to a time between 3300 and 3100 BC (Copper Age), the rests were preserved thanks to the particular climatic conditions of the glacier. The most significant item of equipment of the Iceman belonging to the Iceman is certainly the ax, whose blade is fixed to a wooden fork with leather laces. This system has inspired the methodology for the construction of the lamp.
The project was designed with the aim that it could be easily distributed and assembled. The plastic parts are made with a 3d-printer. The wooden parts and electrical cable are commonly available and the assembly is really easy, as it does not require the use of any special tools. The lamp will be provided together with the assembly instructions and the files for plastic parts printing.

The lamp has been selected to be showcased at the 'Fuorisalone Milan Design Week 2014' at Design Library.


designers_ Filippo Losi, Davide Randazzo, Giovanni Trabacchi


lenght_ 200 cm

widht_ 20cm (diameter)
material_ beech wood, textile cable, plastic, light bulb

electrical parts_ cable with textile lining with double insulation, section 2 X 0.75, halogen lamp (40W E27)

Otzi Floor Lamp - Instructions
Otzi Floor Lamp - Fit it

| Monterreal - Chair Collection

Monterreal Chair - Original

Monterreal has been created starting from the model of an old mexican chair. Studying the variations of the seat we created 5 different chairs. Every piece has been produced from the same plank of wood. According to the old techniques of carpentry the whole chair is assembled using joints and glue. The wooden body of the chair is made of pine-wood (native tree from the forest where the prototype was found) and the seats are made of fabric or rope.


Each one of these chairs are a piece of a private collection property of a Mexican family.


lenght_ 85 cm

widht_ 50cm
material_ pine-wood, fabric, rope, foam

Monterreal Chair - Blue
Monterreal Chair - Fabric
Monterreal Chair - Weave
Monterreal Chair - Leather

| NaranjaStand - Exhibition Stand

The famous Naranja Film photographer needed to renew the stand for the wedding exhibitions. He gave us a rough guide to follow: the stand must look modern and juvenile; it has to be detachable in small parts and easy to transport; it must be different from the common wedding-stands and most of all, it has to be cheap. We bought some wood-posts from a construction company and we recycled various pallets. In this way we managed to build the stand for less than US$ 200.

The project consists of a 3x3 meters stand and in two square tables made of painted chipboard.


lenght_ 300 cm

widht_ 300 cm
height_ 250 cm

material_ recycle wood, textile, iron, blackboard paint


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