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Tamata on Spirit of Chemainus

My name is Davide. I am a Marine designer with extensive experience of interior and system design for luxury yachts and motorhomes. I have a degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan. Sailing is my hobby and I am the proud owner of a classic Nicholson 32 yacht.

My curriculum can boast working relationships with such as MSO Marine, Sunseeker and RC Motorhomes and over 15 years working in the marine business. As you will be able to understand from my website I am primarily a CAD based designer, but with wide hands-on experience in processes to realize my designs, especially to enable prototyping and one-off, utilizing CNC, plasma and other profiling processes, GRP moulding and 3D printing.

In my working years to date, I have developed professionally from commercial and residential architectural design, into marine design and most recently I have designed and managed the production of 6 different motorhome models.

Some of the services I provide, include:

• Full 3D modelling using software including AutoCAD and Rhino

• CNC, laser and 3D printing file output

• Design for fiberglass moulding

• Yacht and motorhome interior design new or for refitting

• CNC start-up business consultancy

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